House Number Numerology

house number numberologyMost people use numerology to find out more about dates and people but it can also be used to get the energy of a house or building and the street or road you live in.

Think about the places you’ve lived. Each place you live has a different energy to it. Some places are more peaceful while others may have been more energetic or active. This is no mistake. In addition to the street name and people residing in each house, you have to take in account the numbers associated with each house – House Number Numerology.

All street names hold a vibration. Each letter can be converted to a number and added up to give a numerical vibration. For instance, Baltimore St. will have a different energy than Young St. Why? Because the word Baltimore equals 29/11 and Young equals 22 using Chaldean numerology this will give you the overall energy of the street name and house number.

The only thing that separates houses and buildings that are on the same street is the number associated with each property. Knowing the house number that you live in or want to know about will let you know the specific vibration of that particular house. Remember it like this, the street name holds the overall vibration and house number gives the specific energy of the place.

Another tip to note when getting your house number vibration is to know that compound numbers hold energy, too. For instance the address number 520 has the vibration of a 5, 2, and 0 that contributes to the 7 energy.​  But we will focus on the single digit number.

How to Get Your House Number Using Numerology

Remember that each number holds an independent vibration when reduced to the single digit or Master Number (11, 22, 33, 44, 55 etc.). To get your number from your address you have to add all digits up and reduce to a single digit or master number.

Tip – Exclude apartment and unit numbers (apt. 11, unit #4 etc.)

Example 1 – 1451 Ben St.

  • Add up digits: 1 + 4 + 5 + 1 = 11(2)
  • This house number 11/2 holds the vibration of 11 and 2

Example 2 – 797 Locust St.

  • Add up digits: 7 + 9 + 7 = 23
  • Keep reducing to single digit: 2 + 3 = 5
  • This house number is 5

House Number in Numerology Meanings

Use the following descriptions to see what your house number means. This will give your house an overall energy. Depending on the Numerology Chart of the people who live or visit there, the house number will affect each person differently.

1 House

– This is a house of manifesting new ideas into existence. The feeling of starting something new will be heavy. This energy is also about being independent and a leader. It wants to have everyone on the same page. Be wary of being overly competitive in this house and realize that the real competition is within.

2 House

– Sensitivity and emotions run rampant in the #2 house. This place is filled with energy of wanting to get along for balance. The vibration runs deep in this house increasing its psychic connection to visitors. It’s like the house speaks to you in a way. Be careful not to be overly sensitive to the opinion of others in this home.

3 House

– This house may be bigger than most on the block. The theme for the number 3 house is fun and active communication. The air reaks of wanting to talk and crack jokes with others in this home. You may want to throw parties and get together at this crib. Just make sure not to overdo things and go overboard.

4 House

– The number 4 house is one that seeks to establish a firm plan and order to it. As people view it the house may appear to be different or a little eccentric but internally it feels like everything is under control. The house also likes to attract material things and different luxury items. Be cognizant not to put too much value into physical things.

5 House

– Physical and mental action is heavy in the number 5 house. It may be hard to sit still for too long in here. Ideas of traveling are prominent. This house also brings about different ideas for personal growth and creativity. If there is imbalance in this home, it can lead to bouts of anger and arguments.

6 House

– This house seeks to acquire beautiful things that are artistic. The number 6 house loves the beauty in harmony on all levels. One is moved to be of help to others in this house. It is not uncommon for visitors to feel like they are wanted here. This hospitability, if not unchecked, can lead towards an overbearing and overly critical energy.

7 House

– The number 7 house is spiritually or non-physical based and is concerned with the unknown. This is a house of detaching from what most people feel is important. The energy may push one towards being alone or caught up in one’s head. Be sure to pay attention to the physical details and minor upkeep of the house.

8 House

– The energy of the number 8 house is one of power and balance. This house seeks to establish order for the purpose of building a powerful appearance. This house has no problem with showing that it is the leader of the street. When balanced one can achieve spiritual and physical success.

9 House

– It seems like the number 9 house experiences all that life has to offer. One may be moved to want to provide help to the neighbours or community. The house also has a very active and moving energy about it. When you want to do something it feels like you have extra energy to get projects done.

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