Name Number

name number
Name Number


Write your full birth name on a piece of paper and the corresponding number under each letter then add all the individual letters in your full birth name. If over a single digit keep adding until you reach a single digit.

Eg 84 (8+4)=12 (1+2)=3

Your name number relates to the practical side of your life and can be obtained by adding your birth name. This includes first name, middle name and surname. Titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Lord etc. should not be used.


eg.        Elvis               Aaron                Presley

5+3+4+9+1     1+1+9+6+5     7+9+5+1+3+5+7

23           +          22        +         39

5            +          22        +       12(3)

First name is the key to your character

Elvis 5   Curious by nature, always ready for a new experience

Middle name is your inner secret self

Aaron 22   A master number this person has vision, leadership the master builder (ref part 3 for master numbers)

Last name is your contemplative self

Presley 3   A person with a versatile flair for creating

Total Name is your true identity

Total = 12 = 3 (Always break it down to a single digit number)

Alpha-Numeric Conversion Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

People with several names

To determine where each first name and middle name belongs you must determine how each name is used. eg Mary Elizabeth Jean Miller. If the person used Mary Elizabeth as there first name then Jean would be the middle name. If the person used Mary as their first name then Elizabeth Jean would be the middle name. Multiple or hyphenated last names should be added as one.

Changing your name

After analyzing your birth name you may feel your can enhance your character by changing your name to one which has attributes you would like. If you do this you must be aware that you cannot delete or get rid of your birth name energies.


The most common reason for a name change is marriage. Before changing your name you should do complete calculations incorporating all the name changes you are considering, seeing what the results would be. If in doubt consult a numerologist for guidance.


If you find you were given a different name at birth you should not be distressed. It is important to analyse both sets of names but the name you thought was yours has more emphasis. For guidance or more information consult a numerologist.

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